Clear Mahjong Tiles in Dream Pet Link World on Facebook

dream link 650Fans of mahjong and cartoon animals have a new game to try in Spil Games’ Dream Pet Link World on Facebook. The game asks players to make matches with animal tiles, helping a talking fish on his journey to find a new friend. In each level, players are given a different puzzle and are challenged with figuring out the correct order to clear these tiles in order to clear the entire board.

In each level, players click on matching animal tiles to remove them from the screen, but there’s an important rule to keep in mind. Removing animals is done by drawing lines between them, and these lines may have no more than two turns to count. So, users are challenged with observing the layout of animals, and must remove animals that have the shortest lines possible, or at least those with the least number of turns.

As players progress, additional complexity is added to the game. For instance, one stage may contain a row of bushes, blocking the formation of lines between certain tiles.dream link 650 2Like in other mahjong games, tiles must also have a free “edge” in order to be eligible for removal, unless they are directly touching their matching piece. In this case, the connection line isn’t necessary and the pieces can be removed instantly.

As tiles are removed from the board, others fall via the help of gravity. This can help players, as it may open up the sides of tiles that were previously locked. If users create matches with the same kinds of animals on multiple turns (for example, two matches in a row of chicken tiles), they receive magic wands, capable of instantly clearing any pair of animal tiles from the screen. Unfortunately, these wands don’t carry across levels, so it’s best to use them as soon as they’re received.

Before each level, players can purchase additional magic wands, as well as magic hats and tile swappers, all with real money. The hats are used to clear all animals of a single type from the board, while the tile swappers are used to change the position of two animal tiles on the screen.

Players earn up to three stars on each stage, depending on their score. Users can replay levels to earn missed stars or increase their high scores, and they can track their friends’ scores on each level’s leaderboard.

Dream Pet Link World is available to play for free on Facebook.