ClearCause Foundation Promotes Safe Global Youth Travel In Response To Son’s Death

If you’re a teen planning to travel internationally, or a parent of teen planning to do so, this post could be a lifesaver. Honestly.

Tyler Hill’s family created the ClearCause Foundation to educate you about safe travel – and there’s a LOT you need to know.

Who is Tyler Hill? He’s a 16-year-old who died while on a group trip to Japan.

Tyler Hill was 16 years old when he went on a People to People Student Ambassador trip to Japan. You can learn more about People to People here.

You’re probably wondering what happened to Tyler, as the website tells us his death was “100% preventable.” We were wondering too, so we asked. He died from “vomiting and untreated prolonged dehydration.” Wow.

As a result of this tragedy, ClearCause has developed tools and information to help parents, youth and chaperones identify risk and take positive steps to mitigate these risks on programs abroad. And they’re in the process of developing safety certification and emergency preparedness programs for youth.

“Parents and students should carefully review StaySafe Advice on our website,” says Sheryl Hill, Founding Director of ClearCause Foundation – and Tyler’s mom. “There is very little information reported [around how many children are harmed while traveling each year]. Some progressive programs report 6% or more. We are working with the US Dept of State on a report.”

WYSE estimates global youth and student travel as a $137 billion industry and growing worldwide. $20 billion in from the US alone.  And, Mrs. Hill tells us, “There are no federal guidelines, minimum standards or transparent reporting in existence.” That’s scary.

And if that isn’t scary enough for you, check out this Memorial Wall that ClearCause created on Facebook, sharing stories of other children who have died while traveling abroad. It’s heart-stopping.

Though the foundation is frugal and has achieved its milestones on less than $50k, money matters, of course. If you’re in a position to offer corporate sponsorship for any of their programs, please do. Protecting children traveling abroad is certainly a worthy cause.

At the least, be sure to check out their site and share their info with those you love.

(Clear Cause logo from their website)