Starts Advertising Using a Facebook "Connect" Button

Someone in the advertising department might want to get a little more creative with their ads. One of the latest ads being run by displays a blue “Connect” icon which looks strikingly familiar. Facebook uses a blue “Connect” icon ( ) as well to login via their rapidly expanding Facebook Connect service.

Honestly, for those convering the space, the blue button has become somewhat of an icon representing Facebook’s new single sign on service. If all goes well the rest of the world will recognize the blue, “Connect” login button. is apparently trying to take advantage of the icon’s increasing recognition, resulting in what I’m assuming is a click on the advertisement.

Could it be coincidental that the icon is practically identical? Possibly. Using a similar color as another person in an advertisement is nothing new but mimicking their features which will trick users into clicking an ad doesn’t seem like the best strategy. Would a user end up at and think to themselves, “Whoops, this isn’t but while I’m here, let me register and connect with potential classmates”?

I doubt it. My recommendation for Drop the blue Connect button and come up with something a little more creative.