Civic Engagement Gets a Boost in San Francisco From Civic Hero App

Reporting pot holes can be easy  if your mayor is Cory Booker, but for the rest of us tweeting a pot hole often does little to help. That’s why I am really excited about  Civic Hero – it’s an app that lets you report on local issues to your city government. But it doesnt’ stop there. Unlike most files at city hall that disappears into filing cabinets in the basement behind mystery doors, your reports actually get follow ups. The app actually tracks each report:

Civic Hero is the easiest way to report community issues such as graffiti, potholes, or damaged public property to your local government. Simply select the type of issue you’re reporting, snap a quick photo or add a comment and you’re done. The app will send your report to the appropriate government agency and track the status of the issue on your behalf. You can also review and comment on issues reported by others in your community. Civic Hero is about ordinary people building extraordinary communities together.

The app was created by Accela, whose focus is on improving community issues through the cloud. Since passing the first Open Data Law, there have been numerous apps based on datasets provided by local San Francisco agencies. To view the rest of the city’s apps, visit


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