CityVille Becomes Facebook’s Biggest Game Ever

Since its release one month ago, Zynga’s CityVille has swept unstoppably through Facebook. Over the weekend it became the largest single app ever on the platform, with 84.2 million monthly active users.

Although CityVille has only a slight edge over FarmVille now, the latter having registered 83.76 million players in March 2010, CityVille could very well  grow to be much larger. Over the past week, the game has averaged gains of well over two million MAU per day, only a slight decline from its growth rate in the middle of December.

Facebook’s pool of available game players for CityVille is over 200 million people. If the game’s eventual penetration on Facebook reaches the same percentage levels FarmVille did — at its height, FarmVille touched above 20 percent of Facebook’s users — CityVille could eventually top 125 million MAU.

However, CityVille is arguably not as big a success as FarmVille was. When we look at the game’s number of daily active users, we can see that, coming out of the holidays, CityVille has a stickiness of just over 20 percent, with 16.8 million people coming as daily active users.

That’s a high stickiness compared to most games, but not FarmVille, which has held around 30 percent since last spring and reached 40 percent at its peak, with an all-time high of 34.5 million DAU. Even now, following a drop in stickiness that corresponded to CityVille’s growth, FarmVille trails only slightly with 15.6 million DAU. (Be sure to check out our AppData Pro service for full details on historical traffic to these titles, and many others.)

CityVille passed FarmVille’s current MAU count of 58 million on December 24th. We also wrote more extensively about why it’s successful back when it was a wee game of 22 million MAU, on December 13th.