Cities, Skill Games and Supermodels Make This Week’s List of Fastest Growing Facebook Games by MAU

Social City seems like an unstoppable force. The Playdom city builder’s gains on this week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook games by monthly active users makes it Facebook’s 17th largest game only three weeks after its launch, and its current growth trend could put it in the top ten by the end of April.

Playdom may temporarily have a lock on the city building genre, as well. My City Life and My Town, two of the first to become successful, are respectively declining and plateauing. Towner, at number seven below, is growing, but Playdom recently invested MetroGames, its developer. But our own suspicion is that Zynga will soon make a city builder; and Electronic Arts should, since it owns the SimCity franchise.

The rest of our AppData top 20 have less than half the growth of Social City:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Social City9,609,177+2,176,421+22.65
2. Bubble Island3,750,322+988,290+26.35
3. Poker Blitz853,580+765,352+89.66
4. Tiki Resort3,680,788+740,891+20.13
5. Mafia Wars25,334,233+630,054+2.49
6. Zoo Paradise1,433,733+539,001+37.59
7. Towner1,713,623+431,341+25.17
8. Keyboard Mash!1,619,818+355,515+21.95
9. PetVille20,298,947+337,588+1.66
10. Texas HoldEm Poker28,664,116+331,199+1.16
11. Pet Society19,357,923+307,250+1.59
12. Country Life9,110,182+307,080+3.37
13. Zoo World19,348,942+268,017+1.39
14. Hotel City265,686+249,803+94.02
15. Bola860,463+245,271+28.50
16. Music Pets1,091,587+232,266+21.28
17. Wild Ones2,911,843+227,575+7.82
18. MindJolt Games21,387,613+200,688+0.94
19. Jeux Gratuits1,460,005+198,135+13.57
20. Songs1,822,046+192,706+10.58

Bubble Island, a bubble shooter by Wooga, is succeeding pretty well compared to most action-oriented games on Facebook. It’s followed by Poker Blitz, the newest game from Zynga, which has done a so-so job (by Zynga standards) in its first full week with just under a million new MAU — although platform downtime issues seem to be affecting it. But Zynga, no slouch, also has Mafia Wars, PetVille and Texas HoldEm Poker on the list.

Tiki Resort is an island building game, also by Playdom. After it you should see Supermodel: The Game, by LOLapps, but for the moment Supermodel is miscategorized. It’s a pretty straightforward Mafia Wars-style game, with catty models replacing mobsters. But that doesn’t mean it’s not doing well; the game is now LOLapps’ largest, with 1.7 million MAU.

Next up is Zoo Paradise, which is pretty much just a pet-raising game set in a zoo. Paradise has become the fourth success for CrowdStar, though it still has far fewer users than Happy Aquarium, Happy Island or Happy Pets. Perhaps being renamed to “Happy Zoo Paradise” would give it the extra boost it needs.

Finally, Keyboard Mash! is doing well with its concept of having users bang on their keyboards — although it’s difficult to imagine how it will monetize, unless the developer, Ingenious Designs, plans to sell replacement keyboards.