Chrome’s TweetDeck Extension Notifications Take A Hit Thanks To New API Guidelines

Chrome’s TweetDeck extension just got a horrible update.

Evidently, when the all-powerful World Wide Web Consortium introduced the web notifications API, they originally specified both plain text notifications and richer HTML-based ones, but the latter have now been removed.

Thus, the unfortunate modification is a result of changes in the Chrome software.

If you use the TweetDeck extension in Chrome, you might have noticed the contrast between the old-style notifications and the new. Check out this side-by-side courtesy of Gizmodo:

Not only are the new notifications less aesthetically pleasing and useful – you can’t even read the whole tweet – you are no longer able to reposition notifications to pop up in any corner of the screen. Now they automatically appear in the top right corner, inevitably overlapping with other notifications you’ve got going.

Are you still a TweetDeck user? Are the new notifications enough to push you to migrate to HootSuite already? Sound out below!