Chroma Studios Launches Click, Click, Boom on iOS, Android

Click Click BoomFollowing a limited beta release in a few markets, Chroma Studios has announced the global launch of “Click, Click, Boom!” on iOS and Android devices, which offers what the company calls a “match-3-in-3D” gameplay mechanic. The game sees players traveling to the world of the Netizens, which are energy-based creatures responsible for keeping the Internet in top working condition. In the game, players travel to different themed locations, and complete puzzles by rotating a cube of colored squares and tapping on lines of three matching squares in a row.

In each level of the game, players have a limited number of moves or a limited amount of time to complete a specific goal. Some levels may ask players to clear a large number of squares (regardless of color) from the cube in the center of the screen, while others focus on one particular color of cube, or charging the powers of helper characters, as examples.

By default, players can view nine squares of the cube at a time, but can tap and slide their finger on the screen to rotate the cube in real-time, which uncovers the other sides of the cube and more potential moves. Random blocks are added back to the overall cube as players clear others out, and players earn up to three stars on each level, depending on their performance.

Players unlock helper characters as they complete stages, each with their own power. This includes one that freezes time or gives players more moves in a level, and another whose power charges the power of other characters faster, among others.

When players complete a stage’s requirement(s), any leftover moves are turned into ChipCoins, the game’s currency. In turn, these coins can be spent on upgrades for the helper bots. Users can also spend premium currency on separate power-ups before beginning levels. These include a power for earning double the ChipCoins in a stage, and a power for adding time and moves back to a stage, as examples.

Players will visit multiple locations in the game, including Router 66 and the Information Superhighway. The game’s 120 levels become more complicated over time, with the introduction of enemy characters like bugs, viruses and worms. Chroma Studios promises additional levels will be added to the game going forward.

For social play, users can login with Facebook and compare their high scores on each level’s leaderboard. The game also supports Everyplay for sharing clips of impressive gameplay moments with others.

With this global release, the game has been overhauled with an updated user interface, menus and other features, as well as Game Center support on iOS (with 36 challenges to complete). Players can squash digital bugs in the game’s Bug Bust mode, new social features make it easier for players to send gifts to their friends, and the game’s overall difficulty has been balanced to make the game more appealing to users.

Click, Click, Boom! is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.