Christian Science Monitor on eBook Standards


Just to keep you up on the popular conversation around eBooks, eBookNewser wants to point your attention for a moment to this article, published yesterday in The Christian Science Monitor, about eBook standards and the continuing prevalence of proprietary formats on some devices, namely Kindle and Nook, despite wide adoption of ePub by other device makers, like Sony.

The Monitor makes this very relevant comparison with the slow adoption of the unprotected MP3 by the music industry. Here’s an excerpt: “Over several years, the music industry realized that such measures inconvenience only their customers, since the pirates will inevitably find a way around the protections anyway. Most publishers now allow Apple, Amazon, and others to sell music without the DRM. Perhaps the book-publishing industry will reach the same conclusion, allowing an ePub book you bought for one reader to freely transfer over to another.”

We’re still in the early days of the device and format wars for eBooks, and the more this point–that eBooks need to work across devices–is made in big forums like this one, the sooner the big companies hopefully, maybe will catch on.