Chipotle’s New Online Ad Campaign Includes a Mobile Game to Fight Factory Farming

Chipotle’s new ad campaign against factory farming was gaining a lot of steam on Twitter over the weekend, but its accompanying mobile game is still leaving some users underwhelmed. This is only the company’s second video ad, this time with music provided by vegan songstress, Fiona Apple. The tune sets the scene for a dystopian future of scary factory farms with drugged up cows and caged pigs. The video’s protagonist is a scarecrow who fights back by providing Chipotle style home-grown goodness.

The game follows the same narrative. Users are encouraged to help  “the Scarecrow rescue the City of Plenty from Crow Foods, the powerful industrial food corporation that has taken over the city.” However, most reviews of the actual game is rather disappointing. It’s prone to crashing and the game itself is unclear – one user asked where do you take the cows to save them? Made by Moonbot Studios, the game promises twenty levels in  four unique worlds with first-rate gameplay mechanics. If you’re up to the challenge, the game is free in the App Store.

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