Chinese Tower Defense Tops This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

Earlier this week we noted the rapid growth of 守衛家園, a Chinese-language variation on tower defense games. Since then the game has really taken off, landing atop this week’s list of emerging Facebook games, defined as those still under a million monthly active users.

It’s rare for a Chinese-language game to beat its English peers, but 守衛家園 actually appears to be a pretty good game. Here’s the rest of the AppData top 20 list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1.Original 守衛家園725,370+708,996+4,330%
2.App_2_125301840827866_9721 Market Street547,474+547,416+943,821%
3.Original Jewel Box433,987+423,273+3,951%
4.Original Office Wars932,738+415,127+80%
5.App_2_347486061825_9369 Cafe Life676,692+376,976+126%
6.Original Crazy Taxi635,996+244,710+63%
7.Original Knighthood373,002+234,580+169%
8.Original Four in a Row301,561+232,625+337%
9.Original Bingo Island 2449,900+226,752+102%
10.Original Tellywood219,609+218,679+23,514%
11.Original Platinum Life: Web Edition BETA719,711+215,754+43%
12.App_2_134494476584783_758 Ask Paul the Octopus !201,077+197,016+4,851%
13.App_2_108480199188341_1684 על כל הקופה194,200+194,115+228,371%
14.Original WestWars208,938+186,656+838%
15.Original Maya Pyramid716,237+183,344+34%
16.Original Country Life (lite)376,207+157,169+72%
17.Original Bouncing Balls458,654+152,714+50%
18.Original Fantasy Football 2010182,840+137,951+307%
19.Original Bloom Town161,556+137,808+580%
20.App_2_160487965948_8641 Retail Therapy132,439+131,731+18,606%

Coming in at second we see Market Street, the newest title from Playdom — or should we call it Disney? It’s unusual for a new Playdom game to grow so quickly, but the company’s new owner may be pumping in more advertising dollars in the future. Knighthood, which Playdom also has through its own acquisition of Hive7, has suddenly taken off as well.

Jewel Box, a fairly simple collection game by Mob Science, is also showing a spike in growth following a long plateau; the growth suggests that, like Knighthood, the game is either getting new advertising, or that Facebook has corrected a bug in the reporting of some older apps, making them appear to have huge single-day gains.

Next up is Office Wars, the new office-based team combat game from Broken Bulb Studios, which is also the only game on this week’s list that’s about to cross the million MAU threshold.

A couple of even simpler games have also emerged this week. Crazy Taxi is an old casual game that involves just dodging other cars on a straight road; here, it appears to be growing as part of a new game portal of some kind that also includes number 17, Bouncing Balls. At number eight,  Four in a Row is just the popular decades-old game Connect Four, but that appears to be enough for a few hundred thousand new players.

Finally, down at number 18 you can see the first fantasy football app of the season, titled, simply enough, Fantasy Football 2010. Expect to see more as the college football season gets underway.