Chillingo, 11 Bit Studios Release Anomaly Defenders on iOS, Android

Games publisher Chillingo has announced the launch of Anomaly Defenders on iOS and Android devices. The tower-defense strategy game was developed by 11 Bit Studios, and is the latest (and final) installment in the Anomaly series. In the franchise’s original tower offense game, players controlled humans, fighting against alien invaders. Now, the tables have turned, and the human counterattack sees the alien planet under invasion. In Anomaly Defenders, players take on the challenge of defending the alien home-planet from the humans.

Each level of Anomaly Defenders sees enemies moving down a set path to take out escape launchpads somewhere on the screen. Players can build turrets and other defensive items on specific build spots along this path, and are encouraged to start this building while the game is paused to keep on top of things. Players can only build as many items as they can afford, using in-game currency. This recharges as players defeat enemies, or players can sell units for an instant boost.

Defenses will attack incoming human troops automatically, and players can repair these towers using energy dropped by fallen enemies. Users can also spend currency to upgrade towers, once they’ve been placed.Anomaly DefendersA special unit type, the harvester, can be placed on top of currency mines, providing players with a limited stream of currency as they play. Enemies will divert from their route to attack these harvesters, giving players additional opportunities to ambush them before they reach the launchpad.

Once players have a handle on the situation, they can speed up the game to make progress faster. Each level has multiple waves of enemies, while some have multiple entry points as well. Once players successfully complete each mission, they earn rewards in the form of technology points (TP), which are spent to research new alien technologies. It’s worth noting that players can choose from three difficulty levels before playing each mission, which impacts the number of TP earned at the end.Anomaly DefendersThe game’s research tree contains multiple branches for players to explore and activate. Users can upgrade different areas, depending on their play style. For instance, one might want to upgrade their towers’ attack strengths and defenses. Or, gamers could focus on unlocking and upgrading support functions like increasing the probability of dealing a critical hit during battle. Users can unlock better repairing capabilities, an increased energy storage capacity, stronger harvesters and so on.

Anomaly Defenders is available to download for $4.99 on the iTunes App Store, and for $3.99 on Google Play.

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