Chicago Rapist Met Two Victims On Facebook

You can never be too cautious about whether to meet people in person that you first encounter online.

Police in Chicago’s far south side have apprehended a rapist who twice met his victims on Facebook, holding him on two concurrent bonds of $200,000 and $300,000 for each of the attacks.
Wayne Smith, age 25, was accused of sexually assaulting someone on October 19, 2009, but was never charged because of a lack of physical evidence. He was recently arrested for raping a woman in his home on February 28, and that re-opened the first case.
In that case, Smith met his victim on Facebook, then talked to her over the phone , before they met in a restaurant. She took a bus home and realized Smith had followed her. When she got off, so did he, quickly hooking his arm around her neck and forcing her to go back to his residence with him.
She went into the bathroom to try to get help on her cell phone, but he broke the door down, dragged her to the bedroom and raped her. She told her parents and ex-boyfriend about the attack, then sought treatment at Roseland Community Hospital.
The more recent case that occurred this past February involves a charge of rape of a woman Smith met on Facebook. Officials haven’t revealed whether content from the accused’s account on the social network will form part of the evidence used against him.
But if there’s a moral to this story, we suggest that people use more caution when deciding to meet in person with someone first encountered on any website — be it a personals site or a social media destination.
Readers, what do you think of this particular case?