Chicago Cubs Dump a #PRFail on Ron Santo’s Memory

Legends like Ron Santo don’t belong in the dumpster.

All sports teams have their legends – the fabled heroes of yesteryear that personify the spirit of their team and the fans. And then, there are people like Ron Santo of Chicago Cubs’ fame.

He was a third baseman in the 60s and 70s, a color commentator for two more decades and a lifelong advocate for juvenile diabetes awareness – a disease that took his life in 2010. Ron Santo was a sports hero if there ever was one, namely in the Windy City.

So suffice to say when this story broke of the Cubs’ management hurling Santo memorials in the dumpster behind Wrigley Field (covered by sporting blog Through the Fence Baseball), a mild kerfuffle broke out on Wacker and Sheffield Avenues like a case of herpes in a clandestine hotel room.

Discovered by ESPN’s Jon Greenberg on “Dumpster Day,” this unfortunate and classless incident is a microcosm of the franchise – the Cubs love the fans, respect the players and could give two craps about its reputation. Sure, the Cubs apologized about the “mistakenly discarding” of the Ron Santo memorabilia, but too little and way too late.

Big shout out to the famous Murphy’s Bleacher Bar owners for fishing the Ron Santo memories out of the trash. A brief MEMO to the Cubs’ owners: It’s called eBay. Learn about it.