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chess_com_logo.jpgChess masters, grandmasters, aficionados, fans or just about anybody who loves playing one of the oldest mind games would be glad to know that there is now a new online chess community, is your ultimate resource for anything and everything about chess with an added twist of social networking/interacting was built by your fellow chess players who happen to have the knack for developing web applications as well. These developers built the site to provide their fellow chess players regardless of skill levels, a community where they can learn, contribute, build, play, chat and share experiences about chess.

There are no reasons why chess players would not want to join It’s a haven for them. The site has everything that chess players of all skill levels would need to enjoy and master chess. Like what? You might ask. lets you:

  • Play chess online – Be it turn based, online tournaments, live chess, play against the computer, vote chess
  • Learn rules, strategies, etc. – has an online instructions on improving your game, chess articles, tactics training, daily puzzle, game of the week, game analysis, find a coach
  • Shop online for books and equipment, find stores
  • Forums to interact and meet other members
  • Chess news and editorials

And a lot more! is definitely the place for anyone who loves chess, plays chess and wants to learn everything about chess. So, if you think you know the game, think again as there might be some other stuff that you don’t know about chess. Checkmate!