Check Out Twitter’s “Hidden Feature”: Follow Recommendations

A new feature that has apparently been part of Twitter for some time but hadn’t made it to the mainstream until yesterday has just been unveiled, albeit a bit unceremoniously. “Follow Recommendations” allows you to build your own list of recommended accounts for new Twitter users to follow.

As TechCrunch reports, Grace Chu Lee, part of Twitter’s Business Development team, tweeted out and subsequently deleted a link to a slideshare presentation about the proposed “Follow Recommendations” feature. She apparently called this a “hidden” feature when she tweeted about it.

It looks like “Follow Recommendations” is a personalized Suggested User List. If someone decides to join Twitter through your account as pictured below, they will be presented with a list of the accounts you’ve decided to add to your Follow Recommendations.

This is clearly a useful feature for brands, as they can recommend their other accounts (like their customer service accounts, their product accounts and their different regional accounts) or related accounts for new users to follow. And individuals can use this feature to share their interests with new users, too.

To create your own Follow Recommendations list, all you have to do is create a Twitter list and include the hashtag #WelcomeToTwitter in the description (you can call the list whatever you like). Ensure that the privacy setting is “Public”, and voila! You’ve created your very own Follow Recommendations list.

You then just have to search for and add users to your list.

I tested this feature out, and it works! New users who sign up through your account will be presented with a page similar to the one below once they have created their username and password: