Charlie Sheen Intern Tweet Generated 95,333 Clicks in First Hour [Infographic] and have released some pretty interesting stats about the ad that Charlie Sheen tweeted on Monday. Not only did nearly 100,000 people click on the link in the first hour, but applications to Sheen’s social media internship position have now reached over 70,000.

If you remember on Monday, Sheen tweeted a paid advertisement for an internship position with his social media team, through

The second tweet in this campaign went out Wednesday afternoon from Sheen’s 2.5-million-followers-and-growing account:

Thus far, has received 74,040 applications for the position, which came from 181 countries. And while the first hour after the first tweet generated 95,333 clicks, it has, since Monday, seen a whopping 412,500 clickthroughs. That’s much, much more than a similarly targeted Google ad would generate.

Arnie Gullov-Singh, CEO, has this to say about Sheen’s tweet:

“Success on this scale is rare to achieve outside of a multi-million dollar Super Bowl ad. But with 1,000 celebrities available to endorse brands in social media, Super Bowl moments have become much more accessible and measureable.”

Whatever your opinion of him, it’s clear that Charlie Sheen is an advertiser’s dream. He reaches a wide audience, and his tweets and hashtags have gone around the world and back. In fact, in addition to his “regular” hashtags like #winning and #tigerblood, #tigerbloodintern has also become a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

It seems we’re just beginning to see the effects of “Sheen” on brands who decide to pair up with him. Stay tuned, as there is definitely more to come.

You can view the entire infographic here.