Changing Your Online Oil.

I am sitting writing today’s post inside my local Jiffy Lube getting my oil changed. When I look at my car I realize that she is old, like 10 years old, and still runs like champ. I have never had any major work done to her with the exception of a serpentine belt that broke.

When I look at my car I see social media and social networking written all over it. That is not to say some geek hoodlums got their hands on my car, but that I see running a social media campaign similar to buying a car. More specifically like buying a work truck.

Like buying a work truck, social media has a large initial buy in. Meaning, the jump a company or person has to make when deciding to take on a social media campaign is difficult. Creating a personal brand or company profile takes the work of a dedicated team and should not be taken lightly. Research and planning on what networks to use, what channels to peruse and how best to use them is similar to the research needed in purchasing a vehicle.

Like a vehicle, after the initial buy in, social media work essential is to up keep of your online presence is a must. Simple things like updating your location, age, occupation, and photos can keep your online presence running smooth. To me this is much like getting your oil changed, do the simple things so you don’t have a major failure down line.

We know what happens when you don’t change your oil, your engine seizes and your work truck stops working. This is the same for your online profiles, if you fail to keep them up to date and fail to maintain a good working status, they will fail to work for you.

The moral is this: if you are going to make the initial investment into creating an a social presence online, you cant stop there. Just like your work truck, create a scheduled maintenance list for your online presence. Things like every two weeks update photos, twitter 5 times a day on these hours, update my corporate bio once a week, attend a social meet up once a month, etc…

Setting up a list of small task will help you keep your online identity running smooth and provide you with the work that needs to be done. Do any of you out there have similar system of scheduled online maintenance? Do you think scheduling updates is a bad idea and that your online identity should grow more organic? Let me know