Changes Coming To HARO On Tuesday

PRNewser first reported the news in October, but now it’s official: changes to the popular match journalists with sources service Help A Reporter Out (HARO) are coming on Tuesday.

The changes:

Vertical HAROs: Only want to see tech or lifestyle queries? Now you can. “…you’ll be able to subscribe to the individual HARO emails, as well as the master list,” said Shankman. Of course, he also wants to make sure the vertical lists don’t in any way jeopordize the size of the HARO main list. To address this, Shankman said “From the feedback we’ve gotten, we know you won’t leave the master HARO list – but rather, will keep the Master HARO to look at when you have time…”

Respond via website: If it’s easier, you can respond to queries directly via the HARO site, as opposed to just email.

Advertisers: HAROs revenue model is 100% ad based, so Shankman wants to make it easier for people to buy ads, which they can now do online by viewing an ad calendar for their vertical to see what is available.

Shankman notes that none of these changes are completely mandatory and, “You can do nothing, and continue to get the Master HARO, three times per day.”

UPDATE: Shankman has also let us know that from now on, reporter emails will be masked. For example, “instead of joe@theoprahshow, sources will now send queries to, or something similar…” Also, reporter emails will “self-destruct” after their deadline to limit unwanted e-mail flow.