Review: Cellufun’s Call of the Pharaoh

Cellufun’s Call of the Pharaoh, the winner of the “Best Mobile Game” category at the Global Mobile Awards 2008, casts you as a Pharaoh trying to put a Pyramid up together and then collect riches and treasures.

We recently touched on Call of the Pharaoh in a review of Cellufun’s Facebook games, talking about its community based game play and came away impressed with its simple but addictive nature. When you start out you have nothing but a plot of land to work on and have to post notices asking for help from other players. As other players agree to help you, you slowly accumulate items such as rope and bricks and are able to make the next stage of your pyramid.

The game continues like this until you have a full Pyramid and are able interact with other peoples pyramids such as steal treasure from other people. For such a small and addictive game there are many stages to get through making it last a long time.

What else is there? Well in the same way other people help you, you can also answer ad’s posted. Simply clicking on ‘Go Work!’ next to someone’s name instantly gives them a hand, and gives you some Cellupoints which are used much later on in the game to buy items and make treasures or magic.

The game itself is quite simple and doesn’t mind being, but the actual content here is vast with hours being sucked away just by mouse clicks in a similar way people get addicted to Solitaire. There are some nice touches here making the community work together without every having to actually ask anyone for help. It’s the perfect game to leave open in a web browser and slowly build up your empire and racing a friend to see who can have the best pyramid.

While it doesn’t have the greatest graphics or animation the game fits well inside Cellufun’s Facebook app and with plenty of difficulty achievements this is the kind of game that looks dull but plays well. If you ask me its better than being the other way round.