Greg Heapy

Review: Cellufun’s Call of the Pharaoh

Cellufun’s Call of the Pharaoh, the winner of the “Best Mobile Game” category at the Global Mobile Awards 2008, casts you as a Pharaoh trying to put a Pyramid up […]

Sony Refuses to Give up Social Games Fight

Sony doesn’t seem to be doing so well in the current console races with the Playstation 3. Market share for the PS3 is coming in at around 22%, and for […]

Western MMO Lord of the Rings Online Adds Social Networking

During the Tokyo Game Show, Jim Crowley, head of MMO developer Turbine, revealed that the popular The Lord of The Rings Online would be introducing a new social networking site […]

Bumper Stars: Now Featuring Master Chief and Obama

You look at some games and you know exactly what you’re getting. Bumper Stars is no such title with its brightly coloured visuals and genre-spanning game play style. Pitched as […]

Mob Science Copying (Lil) Green Patch with Sea Garden

Mob Science, a developer of social games, is trying something interesting in the market with Sea Garden: cloning the biggest app on Facebook, Lil Green Patch. Unlike Lil Green Patch‘s […]

Cellufun Expands Into Social Gaming

Cellufun is an ad sponsored mobile gaming portal that offers free casual, connected, and multiplayer games for  web-enabled mobile phones. With a relatively large user base and award winning games, […]

Virtual Goods are a Major Source of Revenue for Social Game Developers

Developing games for social networks isn’t at all shocking in this day and age. Companies both big and small make thousands of applications and games year with a fair amount […]