Cellphone-Only Homes Overtake Landlines

The New York Times is reporting that from September 2006 to April 2007, the percentage of Americans in cellphone-only households for the first time overtook the percentage in landline-only households, according to Mediamark Research, a firm that has been tracking such data since the mid-1980s.

Folks have been gradually dropping their landlines since around the turn of the century. And as everyone knows, cellphone subscriptions have gone through the roof over the past decade. But now, according to a survey of about 13,000 homes, “Mediamark said 84.5 percent of households now have landlines, and 86.2 percent have at least one cellphone.”

Is it any wonder that media companies are falling all over themselves to join the mobile media bandwagon?

Cellphone-Only Homes Hit a Milestone [NYT]