Cell Phones Hardest To Give Up: Study

MediaPost reports that nearly two thirds of Americans have now used mobile devices for things other than talking, according to a new study on mobile data usage by the Pew Internet Project.


The study released today found that the cell phone would be the hardest communications technology for people to give up. More than half (51%) said it would be very hard to give up their cell phone, compared to only 38% in 2002, the report said.

Other facts quoted from the article:

– 58% of U.S. adults have used cell phones or PDAs for text-messaging, taking a picture, looking for directions or surfing the Web.

– 62% have either used a mobile data service or logged onto the Internet via a laptop away from home or work or via a handheld device.

– Text messaging and photos were the most popular activities – 58% – with playing a game (27%), sending e-mail (19%) and accessing the Web for news, weather and other information (19%) rounding out the top five.

Image credit: Clipart.com