Celebrities Behaving Ad.ly on Twitter

Adly.jpgWill tweets touting products carry more weight if they come from celebrities? That’s the hope of Los Angeles-based start-up Ad.ly, which aims to serve as the middleman between advertisers and high-profile Twitter users, according to TechCrunch.

Advertisers pick which celebrity they want to endorse their products and, once the celebrities approve the tweets to be sent out, four tweets are sent per week, per campaign, according to TechCrunch.

Ad.ly also features a customized dashboard that tracks click-through rates, retweets and the geographic locations of users who retweet ads, and Ad.ly told TechCrunch its proprietary algorithm evaluates follower counts, authority and quality of Tweets to help determine the value of the campaigns.

Ad.ly’s homepage boasts the following celebrities, along with their total followers: Kim Kardashian (2,374,566), Dr. Drew (1,463,664), Brooke Burke (1,376,392), LeVar Burton (1,247,198), Joel McHale (1,296,151), Samantha Ronson (1,137,189), Greg Grunberg (1,087,555), Nicole Richie (675,847) and Brody Jenner (331,804).