CBS Evening News to Be Live Streamed

The Business Insider reports the CBS Evening News will be the first nightly newscast to be live streamed. Ustream is providing the feed on in what is a non-exclusive, ad-revenue sharing deal. In addition, Ustream will carry breaking news reports CBS News produces during the day.

The vision behind today’s news is to make CBS News’s Ustream feed the place on the Internet for all those Twitter users and millions of others go for full-on, premium coverage when major news breaks. During such a major breaking news event, “Twitter will be going crazy with everyone that wants to talk about it and the only place to watch will be on Ustream,” says Ustream CEO Brad Hunstable. He calls it “viral news.”

The material CBS provides to Ustream will also go live on and all of the Web sites run by CBS’s owned and operated local TV stations.