Category-Specific 2009 Lists from Bing

BingLizard.jpgAfter revealing its top 10 searches for 2009 last month, Bing was not content to sit out the season of lists, posting the top-five-searched terms in several categories on the Bing Search Blog.

From the blog post by Kristin Meldahl of Bing:

Who would’ve thought that Las Vegas would beat out Hawaii for most-searched travel destinations, or that Susan Boyle was searched for more often than Taylor Swift? We know a majority of you swore the iPhone was the most searched electronic device…well, as a matter of fact, you were close, it was the iPod. And over half of you were pulling for New Moon for most-searched movie, which was actually runner-up to the original movie, Twilight. Below is the complete list of the top 2009 searches on Bing.

Bing’s top-five lists:

Male Celebrities: Perez Hilton, Robert Pattinson, Jon Gosselin, Howard Stern, Brad Pitt.

Female Celebrities: Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Kate Gosselin, Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Stewart.

Musicians: Michael Jackson, Susan Boyle, Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Adam Lambert (it looks like Kanye West couldn’t interrupt his way onto this list).

Electronics: iPod, iPhone, Zune, laptops, Blackberry.

TV Shows: American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Oprah, Hannah Montana, Biggest Loser.

Travel Destinations: Las Vegas, Napa, Hawaii, Boston, Universal Studios.

Political Figures: Rush Limbaugh, Barack Obama, Michael Savage, Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama.

Movies: Twilight, New Moon, Harry Potter, Transformers, Star Trek.

Car Brands: Ford, Nissan, Chevrolet, BMW, Dodge.

Sports Teams: New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies.