Catching Up with the One Twitter User Kanye West Used to Follow

Steven Holmes, the teenager in Conventry, England, whose Twitter account hip-hop artist Kanye West randomly chose to be the one that he would follow back in August, is no longer following West, and vice versa, as The Guardian caught up with West for an interview.

Holmes told The Guardian he peaked at about 15,000 followers (he still had 5,682 at the time of this post), and he was bombarded with hate mail from fans of the rapper and media requests, saying, “I was just really overwhelmed. I had journalists outside of my house for two days in their car. I couldn’t believe it.”

He continued, “I’m not a fame-whore. It would be good if you have a talent — but what talent do I have? A man clicked a button. I got so much abuse. Really, really jealous people were saying, ‘You don’t deserve it — I deserve it, I’m his fan.’ It was just so stupid.”

As for why he is no longer following West, Holmes told The Guardian, “Kanye has big rants, and it just blocks the stream up.”