Casual time management game Furry Farm comes to iOS


Colorful time management game Furry Farm is now available on iOS devices, asking players to generate eggs of different colors and send them through increasingly complicated pipe systems to be sold. In each stage of Furry Farm, players have to manage the colors of furries on the screen, avoid ghosts and collect falling coins to make progress.

Each furry generates a different kind of egg, and these must be collected in specific quantities to complete each level’s requirements. In cases where mixing stations are available, players can combine multiple kinds of eggs to change their color. For instance, mixing red and blue eggs creates a pink egg, which is worth more money towards the final goal.

Coins fall from the screen, instantly padding gamers’ accounts, and they’ll need as much money as possible to keep power running through the machine. Each task requires energy, so players will need to monitor their power reserves and spend some coins every few seconds to keep things moving.


Ghosts provide an additional challenge for players, as they freeze pipes and scare furries until players tap on them enough times to chase them off. In between levels, players can purchase boosts for their farm, including better defenses against the ghosts or larger energy tanks.

At launch, Furry Farm comes with nine varieties of Furries, each with a special ability, like weakening ghosts or making falling coins worth more money. There are 50 levels available, and while the game is free, users can purchase in-game currency to unlock boosts more quickly.

Furry Farm is now available to download for free on iOS. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.