Car Town celebrates third birthday on Facebook with stats and free Blue Points

Car Town has reached a huge milestone in the world of Facebook games, reaching its third anniversary with no signs of slowing down. In a world of mobile app growth and Facebook game disappointments, Cie Games’ car simulation game continues to pull in over 3 million monthly active users, almost 500,000 of which play the game each and every day.

To celebrate the game’s third birthday, Cie Games has released an infographic with interesting statistics from the game’s lifetime. Over 172 million cars have been purchased or otherwise claimed within the game, with the Toyota Yaris being the game’s most popular model. The Car Town Facebook page currently has over 7 million likes, and 4.9 billion jobs have been completed since the beginning of the game. Those jobs have helped users earn over 5 trillion coins.

Car Town has played host to multiple real-world cross-promotions over the past three years. Nitto Tire, BBC’s Top Gear and the Fast and Furious films are just a few of the brands that have been implemented into Car Town with virtual activities and prizes. It’s through these partnerships that Cie Games president and CEO Dennis Suggs says the game, in part, retains its popularity.

“Car Town is a living testimony that through the right partnerships, proper customer service and engaging gameplay, publishers can deliver quality games on Facebook with the potential to expand to mobile devices,” said Suggs. “We look forward to serving our players with future updates and features in the years ahead.”

As a further celebration of the Car Town third anniversary, Cie Games is rewarding all users with $10 of free in-game currency, or Blue Points. This prize must be claimed before the game’s official anniversary this Saturday, July 27, and it can be claimed by simply logging into the game on Facebook. Blue Points are used to purchase new cars, car parts and other premium items.

You can keep track of Car Town’s continued progress on AppData, our tracking tool for social and mobile games and developers.