Capturing the Spirit of Independent Games with an IndieCade 2011 Documentary

The most interesting game designs come from independent developers. Free of stockholder expectations and, in many cases, massively expensive design documents, indie companies are able to push the medium forward in a manner that their blockbuster siblings usually fail to. IndieCade, a Culver City, California based group that is dedicated to supporting indie videogame developers, is well known for its annual conferences (dubbed “the Sundance of games”) and is now looking to capture talks from the upcoming 2011 IndieCade Festival and Conference for a Kickstarter-sourced documentary series.

IndieCade has garnered an impressive reputation since their 2005 launch for their continual enthusiasm for the independent games scene, hosting massive international events that look to demonstrate the most exciting examples of innovation in the medium. The group has become a much-loved form of support for developers. Established design teams and burgeoning artists alike flock to IndieCade events to network, share ideas and show off their work.

The 2011 IndieCade Festival and Conference, set to take place from October 6th to 9th of this year, brings together some of gaming’s brightest minds and features inspiring talks about what’s possible for the medium. This year’s gathering sees indie game visionaries like Jonathan Blow, Brenda Brathwaite, Tracy Fullerton, Adam Saltsman and many others already confirmed for attendance, guaranteeing some interesting discussions.

IndieCade needs your help in order to put together a documentary series that will spread the interesting ideas shared at their conferences. The series’ goal is in bringing the fascinating nature of the event to the widest audience possible, allowing anyone interested in the future of videogames to check out the talks without having to grab a pass and a plane ticket to the Festival and Conference itself. It also provides the ideal way for making sure that attendees, too, are able to see everything from the show. The IndieCade Festival and Conference runs various discussions and lectures simultaneously, so even the fortunate masses at the event itself can go back and check out what they missed.

The money that IndieCade is requesting from its fans will go toward the shooting and production of the video series. Videographers, audio-visual equipment and online distribution don’t come cheap so interested Kickstarterers (that’s my new word, I’ll trademark it later) are being asked to pony up any spare dollars and cents for the cause. It’s a good one. The IndieCade guests are bound to provide thought-provoking discourse on their medium of choice and some food for thought for anyone that wants to see games progress beyond their current boundaries.

Want rewards? IndieCade’s got rewards, brothers and sisters. The smaller spectrum of donations will net pledgers exclusive access to conference videos, t-shirts and passes to the Festival (but not the talks) while the big money funders get full-access IndieCade Festival and Conference passes, entry to the event’s prestigious awards ceremony and more.

Check out the official IndieCade site for more information on the group and the upcoming documentaries. As always the Kickstarter campaign site has plenty of detail as well. The project is aiming to raise $15,000 and will be funded on Thursday, September 15th at 1.03pm EST if this goal is met on time.