Reid McCarter

New Videogame Promises to Value Your Time

Most game designers pitch their work by describing how immersive their experience is, how it will suck a player in and joyfully consume their free time. Not Dinofarm Games, the […]

Refined Product Brings Farming to the Urban Apartment

Urban farming is catching on as more and more people are getting interested in DIY projects and locally-grown food, but it still remains something of a niche that is held […]

SoundTracking Receives $4.75M in Financing

SoundTracking is becoming more and more popular and, of course, that means that it’s becoming more and more attractive to investors — to the point that it has just received […]

New Doc Chronicles, Promotes Videogame Culture

Beyond the Game, despite sharing a name with a 2008 documentary about videogame culture, is a brand new film about, well, videogame culture. No, no, no! Don’t go just yet! […]

Agent 155 Announce Upcoming Social Media Network

It may seem like the web has coughed up more than enough social networks by now but, if the internet has taught me anything over the years it’s that no […]

New Doc Combines Art and Social Activism

Any form of communication that’s able to spread awareness of important social issues is well worth supporting. This week’s featured Kickstarter project, Art as a Weapon, is looking to use […]

Kentucky Celebrates Kentucky with Crowdsourced Superbowl Ad

There are certain words that lose all meaning after having been said, heard or written too many times. I expect “Kentucky” to become that word for both you and I […]

“BlindSide” Takes the ‘Video’ out of Videogames

A whole lot of what we talk about when we talk about videogames has to do with how they look. With everyone hyping the cutting-edge graphics of big releases and […]

“Mongolian Bling” Doc: Mongolian Hip-Hop Exists, Is Awesome

You can be forgiven if you weren’t aware of Mongolian hip-hop until you just read this sentence; I wasn’t until happening upon a Kickstarter project intending to capture the rising […]

Is There A Market for Used Digital Media?

Buying and selling used DVDs, CDs and other physical media has been around for as long as the media itself. Doing the same with used digital media is a bit […]