Can Long Conversations Get You More Followers Than One-Off Tweets? [VIDEO]

If I’ve learned anything about Twitter in my time writing for AllTwitter, it’s that Twitter can be anything. It can be a source of breaking news, celebrity gossip, weather reports, marketing, and in-depth debate.

But journalists and cultural critic Touré (@Toure) has carved out his own Twitter strategy, focusing on longer conversations, 20 minute back-and-forths about a single topic, rather than writing a fleeting 140-character idea and moving on to the next. And his 36,000 followers can attest to just how successful this strategy is.

As Mediabistro’s Managing Editor Donya Blaze observes in her MediaBeat interview with Touré, he can sometimes tweet over 30 times in 30 minutes! So while you may hear from the “gurus” out there that you should only tweet once every hour or some other random benchmark, just remember that there is no one-size-fits all Twitter strategy.

Touré’s perspective on what Twitter is to him is part of what gives him the energy to tweet dozens of times an hour:

“I seem to look at it as if I’m on a panel, and there’s thousands of people there. And it’s a Q&A-type situation, so I make a statement that would relate to many people.”

He also has an interesting perspective on the way that most people use Twitter: to send out one-liners and then move onto the next topic.

“There is an impulse to be ADD-ish on Twitter, to say one thing and to move on. And I wanna have a conversation. I wanna spend 10 or 15 minutes or 10 or 20 tweets talking about one thing and drilling down on one idea. Look, I hate small talk.”

Watch the first of a three-part interview with Touré below for more great Twitter insight from someone who has carved his own path: