Can Facebook Increase Your Sales? Definitely.

I received an email this morning from telling me about a new application that they just released called “T-Shirt Money Maker.” I have been extremely skeptical about making money via Facebook applications. That was until I saw yesterday’s data which suggested profiles are the number one source of application installs. These are installs that result from user clicks. The only way to place an ad in a profile at this point is through an application.

I would argue that an ad in the profile is going to be much more effective than Flyer ads. This isn’t backed by any sort of quantitative data though. While this would make for a great research paper, my hypothesis remains that it is in fact possible to sell things via profiles. While it may not be as profitable for the users that decide to add the application to their profile, the owner of the application who can aggregate all the user profiles has a significant promotional opportunity. The real key to any of these applications is going to be provide enough incentive to the users that have the application.

For BustedTees, I think they have provided users with enough incentive. The incentive is that they get to display entertaining images on their profile. Whether or not they sell any t-shirts, users will have entertaining content that is displayed on their profiles. This is the only reason that I think this application will have any chance of being successful. The Visual Bookself application and Flixter’s Movies application are the only applications that I’ve seen successfully leverage affiliate sales through the profile. This is because people want to show off their movies and books to their friends.

Soon enough a large number of people may be showing off their Busted T-Shirts if BustedTees has anything to say about it. I will follow-up with BustedTees in the coming months to see if their application is successful at generating sales. In regards to the application, it is extremely simple. First, you pick the t-shirts that you would like to display on your profile. Second, you enter in your information for how you would like to receive payment. You’re done! Now you can sit back and watch the money roll it. At a minimum you can have some pretty entertaining T-Shirts to show off on your profile. If you like entertaining t-shirts, check out the T-Shirt Money Maker application

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