Cadbury UK To Host Google Hangout on Air for Chocolate Lovers

Tomorrow evening at 6:00 PM (GMT) the chocolatiers at Cadbury UK are welcoming springtime with an “Introduction to Chocolate Tasting” Google Hangout on Air. As if the stacks of Creme Eggs at the check-out stand weren’t temptation enough.

Cadbury UK has made good use of the Google+ platform. When the company reached 500,000 followers, the team had food artist Prudence Staite create a chocolate version of the Google+ page for a hangout and then posted the video to YouTube.

On the page, there are recipes for using the chocolate in other desserts, pictures of chocolate sculptures – like a life-size Molly Malone for St. Patrick’s Day – and other creative promotional videos.

Cadbury’s “circles” divide fans by candy preferences including “Creme Egg,” “Wispa,” “Dairy Milk,” and for those who like to keep their options open, “tasters.” Enthusiastic fans ask to join the circles by leaving comments like “Gotta be Wispa – love those bubbles :-)” and “Creme eggs are for life… not just for Easter, lol.”

The chocolate tasters hangout will invite members of the “tasters” circle and spectators to taste along while they learn about dark, milk, and white chocolate. At the time of this post, readers have responded to the news with 78 shares, 234 +1’s, and 150 comments.

Cadbury UK already has a few hangouts under its belt. A sponsor for the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, the company has also hosted hangouts featuring Olympic champions like freestyle swimmer Rebecca Adlington and British Bicycle Motocross (BMX) racer Shanaze Reade.