Business 2.0: Where Are They Now?


It’s been one year since Time Inc.’s magazine on startups and technology companies, Business 2.0, folded. Despite a Facebook group and other efforts to keep the publication going, in inevitabley went to the chopping block after a quick decline in ad pages.

So, one year later, where did all the writers and editors end up? Sebastien Provencher, who helped start the “Save Business 2.0” group, put together a handy list, available at his blog, or after the jump.

• Josh Quittner is now Executive Editor at Fortune Magazine
• Michael V. Copeland is Senior Editor at Large, Fortune
• Lindsay Blakely is Associate Editor, BNET
• Joel Stein is a Freelance Columnist for the Los Angeles Times; he’s also a Contributing Writer to TIME magazine
• Robert Levine is a freelancer and Television/Radio/Cable Editor
• Michael Myser is a freelancer. He also co-hosts the Gelf podcast
• Chris Morrison is a reporter for the VentureBeat blog
• Michal Lev-Ram is a reporter at Fortune Magazine
• Michael Kaplan is a Contributing Editor at Cigar Aficionado
• Erick Schonfeld is a blogger & Co-Editor at TechCrunch
• Pia Chatterjee is a writer & freelance journalist
• Anuradha Kher is an online news editor at Multi-Housing News
• John Tayman is Editorial Creative Director at Men’s Health
• Andrew Tilin is a freelancer
• John Heilemann is a contributing editor at New York Magazine
• Paul Sloan is a senior writer at Fortune magazine
• David Jacobson is a freelance journalist
• Jeffrey Pfeffer is Professor of Organizational Behavior, Stanford Graduate School of Business
• Todd Woody is Senior Editor at Fortune magazine
• G. Pascal Zachary is a journalist, author and teacher
• Tom McNichol is contributing Editor at WIRED
• Kara Newman is a freelance food, wine and spirits writer
• Loolwa Khazzoom is a freelance writer for several magazines
• Geoff Keighley is a host at G4 TV
• Melanie Haiken is a writer, editor, project manager & national magazine journalist
• Shailaja Neelakantan is overseas correspondent at The Chronicle of Higher Education
• Peter Viles is a senior producer for Real Estate at
• Chris Taylor is West Coast editor at Fortune Small Business
• Paul Keegan is contributing writer at Money
• John Gaudiosi is a freelance videogame industry reporter
• Sidra Durst is Contributing Editor at Splendoar