Busch and Billy Ray Cyrus Want Fans’ Takes on ‘Head for the Mountains’

One winner will receive $10,000 to have their rendition used in an ad

Busch and Billy Ray Cyrus will choose the winner Busch

Busch wants fans to share their takes on its iconic 1980s jingle, “Head for the Mountains,” and country music artist Billy Ray Cyrus is lending a hand.

Fans can record their own renditions of the jingle and post their video or audio files on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube with the hashtags #HeadForTheMountains and #Contest through July 5.

The lyrics to “Head for the Mountains” and the terms and conditions for the contest are available here.

For those who need inspiration, Cyrus’ take can be found here.

Busch and Cyrus will choose one winner, who will receive a $10,000 contract from the beer brand to have their version of the jingle featured in an upcoming ad. The artist will also provide a one-on-one coaching lesson before the final version is recorded.

Anheuser-Busch InBev vice president of value brands Daniel Blake said in a statement, “Every Busch fan has undoubtedly heard ‘Head for the Mountains’ and can probably recall seeing the ad on TV back in the day. We wanted to give these fans the opportunity to tap into their creativity and record their own rendition, and with a legend like Billy Ray Cyrus providing inspiration and coaching the winner, we’re eager to hear an updated version almost 40 years later.”

Cyrus added, “I have fond memories of those ads. The ‘Head for the Mountains with Busch’ chorus is totally nostalgic. We had a great time in the studio recording the song, and the opportunity to work alongside the winner to help hone their skills is really cool.”

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