Burrell Communications Launches ‘Black Is Human’ Campaign

Burrell chronicles the hopes and fears of young Black boys

Burrell Communications Group just launched its latest social media initiative, the “Black Is Human” campaign. According to a statement from the firm, the new project “takes an honest look at our community, celebrates its spirit and illuminates a truer picture.”

The first phase of the campaign is called “Our Black Boys,” and it focuses on the aspirations of a group of youngsters. The clip concludes on a somber note: these are things they’d like to accomplish “if they grow up.”

Trust us, these young boys will swallow your whole heart with what they have to say about their hopes and their very adult fears.

February is Black History Month, but Burrell says they didn’t launch the initiative because of the calendar.

“Our response had more to do with the rise in violence. To date, we’ve received very positive responses to our ‘Black Is Human’ Initiative, reaching over 132,647 people in just a few days,” Fay Ferguson, co-CEO of Burrell, told us in an email.

The firm has engaged in various initiatives for the Black community over the past four decades including a recent “Fatherhood Initiative” and philanthropic action like painting homes for women and children who have been the victims of violence.

“We felt strongly that we needed to do our part to call attention to and elevate the conversation about violence in the Black community – whether it’s gang violence or violence by those in authority. We wanted to add the voice and perspective of young Black boys who unfortunately have to live with this every day,” Ferguson told us.

While these issues are discussed much in the media, this initiative brings home the fact that this isn’t just something happening on the news.

The concerns of African Americans are all too real.