Build a Community Around a Photo on Photobucket

New functionality within Photobucket allows you to tag individual photos with up to 20 names and links and then share them online. For example, if you take a family portrait during the holidays, you can now identify each person within the photo for people who might not know the whole clan. You can also include links to their personal Web sites, blogs or anything else.

When you click on a tag within a photo you will be shown other Photobucket images that contain the same word or phrase. So if you’re standing in front on the Far East Restaurant or some other local landmark, you will be able to find other people who have used that tag on their photo(s).

The new feature aims to make the ever-growing community Web world even smaller. Now people can find you on social networks via photos through Photobucket. Say if a friend uploaded a picture of me and the crew, and tagged the photo “Angrew G.R.” – I would be able to alerted of my appearance on the Web. Think “Google Alert” for images. That could present a problem. What if I do not want my image tagged on the Web? That’s an issue that likely will need to be addressed in the near future.

Aside from tagging, Photobucket has released several other enhancements, including: enhanced titles and descriptions for all media stored on the site; support for high-resolution photos for Photobucket Pro users; new slideshow styles and themes designed by Flektor and the ability to link any Photobucket album to the owner’s MySpace profile.

Users can check out a Photobucket tagging demo at: