Buffer Your Tweets Within Vienna RSS So They Get The Most Impact

Buffer is certainly shaping up to be the little Twitter app that could. It offers the simply functionality of scheduling your tweets to go live when they will be seen by the most people, but it does so in a big way.

You can schedule tweets from your browser, smartphone, Twitter.com, email with Buffer, and now they’ve added a partnership with Vienna RSS to the mix to enable you to schedule tweets from within your RSS reader.

Vienna is an RSS reader for Mac OS X, and is geared towards the social sharer. With the latest addition of the Buffer button to its offerings, Vienna now allows you to tweet, blog, update your status and email the stories you want to share.

While reading any article in your Vienna RSS reader, you can now share it with your Twitter followers when they’re most likely to be online and reading your tweets by clicking the Buffer button built in to Vienna’s top bar navigation:

Clicking this while reading any article will let you add it to your Buffer in much the same way that you would with Buffer’s browser extensions. You’ll be able to edit your tweet to change the headline, if you like, or add your own comments:

For those who haven’t heard of Buffer yet, it’s a must-try Twitter app. It allows you to schedule tweets to go live in the future, when your audience will be online and when they’ll have the most impact. Plus, using Buffer has shown to increase clickthroughs on links by 200% and double the number of retweets that its users get.

You can try Buffer here, and check out Vienna RSS here.