Buffer And Tweriod Team Up To Answer The Question “When Is The Best Time To Tweet?”

It’s one of the age-old questions of Twitter: When should you tweet? You could be sending out the most profound tweets in the universe, but if none of your followers is online to see them, they’re just going to disappear into the ether.

Social timing is key to finding success on Twitter – and Buffer and Tweriod are teaming up to take all the work out of figuring out when to tweet, helping you get your tweets in front of the most eyeballs, every time.

If you’re not familiar with Buffer and Tweriod, here are the official descriptions of each service:

Tweriod analyses your Twitter followers, past Tweets and the people you follow and gives you the best times to Tweet.

Buffer lets you easily share Tweets, Facebook posts and LinkedIn updates at set times. All you do is click “add to Buffer” and one more update is in the queue.

They’re a natural fit, and their new partnership is a welcome addition to the world of Twitter management.

By accessing Buffer from within Tweriod, you’ll be able to not only get a detailed analysis of when your followers are online and most active, but you’ll also be able to schedule tweets to go live during these optimal times.

That’s a powerful combination – follower analytics and tweet scheduling.

Plus, both Buffer and Tweriod are ridiculously easy to use. They both require just one or two clicks to set up and connect to your Twitter account, and once you’ve signed up, scheduling your tweets is a breeze.

Just visit Tweriod and get your free follower analytics. Once you’ve taken a look at when your followers are online, click the following button to connect your Tweriod account to your Buffer account:

From there, you’ll be taken to a screen that shows you the times you’re Buffer account is automatically sending tweets on your behalf, side-by-side with the new recommended times from your Tweriod analysis. You can choose to override your original times with the newly refined times with a click of a button.

Once connected, Buffer and Tweriod will work together to help you optimize your tweeting. The timing from Tweriod means you’ll get your tweets in front of more of your followers, while the scheduling from Buffer means you can load up tweets to go live all throughout the day (without having to be glued to your computer).

Buffer is taking off among Twitter users, as it’s been shown to increase clicks by 200 percent when used regularly. It makes scheduling tweets ridiculously easy, and includes browser extensions, mobile apps and integration with plenty of popular services so you can Buffer from anywhere on the web.

(Clock image via Shutterstock)