Buddy Media Upgrades Facebook Publishing Tool

Buddy Media has upgraded its Publisher tool for posting and monitoring content on Facebook profiles and walls.

Buddy Media has come out with its second version of the Publisher tool for posting and monitoring content on Facebook profiles and walls.

“Publisher is a pretty significant misnomer. While it’s true that one can use the tool to publish pieces of content to Facebook, its roots are in community management,” writes Joe Ciarallo, Director of Communications for Buddy Media, in a blog entry the company is posting later today.

The new upgrade gives a single consolidated view of streams from multiple pages, and lets you apply labels and filters to any of the posts all in one place.You can browse through the streams chronologically, based on the number of likes, or throughany of a dozen different filters. You can also post to multiple walls from that single view, and schedule the posts to go up in the future.

The upgrade also improves upon the moderation of fans’ wall posts by allowing more than one person to act as a community manager. With that comes some workflow capability so that each of the managers can flag things they’re working on, delegate to one another and add semi-visible notes to items in the queue. A “history” feature reveals a list of actions taken on every single comment and post in a stream, so that managers can see what others have done.

Look under the hood of this uipgrade and you see a new data model based on souped up technology. Buddy Media has migrated from a relational database toward NoSQL built on top of Mongo DB. The switch promises faster access to information and greater scalability for future upgrades.

So readers, what do you think of this new iteration of Buddy Media‘s Publisher tool? Which software are you using for your Facebook page and wall?

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