Buckitdream Updates Digital Bucket List App on iOS

The app allows users to create entries for their travel-related dreams, and share them with others.

Buckitdream has released a new version of its digital bucket list app on iOS devices. Buckitdream allows users to document and share their travel-related dreams with friends and strangers, with the goal of inspiring users to fulfill their dreams over time.

With this major update, Buckitdream users can now connect with friends via Facebook and Twitter integration, and follow their entries, called dreams, in the app. In addition, the app’s new Dream Planner allows users to create a detailed entry for each dream, including images, descriptions, tags, dream locations and more.

As users enter their dreams, they can set a budget for the trip or experience, or, as the dreams reach fulfillment, add flight numbers, hotel information, ‘must-do’ experiences, and so on.


As a social network, users can browse others’ dreams in their home feed (which includes content by the Buckitdream account), or via a discovery tab, which offers Top 10 and Top 100 lists for dreams in specific cities and around the world, respectively. This discovery tab also offers the ability to search for dreams by tag.

As users browse, they can comment on individual dreams or flag those they’re inspired by for future reference. Users can also add these public dreams to their own in-app ‘buckitlist,’ with support for editing specific details to make the dream more personal. For instance, if a user dreams of going on a road trip across the United States, another user could add this dream to their own list, but edit it to include a trip route, budget, etc.

In another update, expected to release at the end of July, Buckitdream will be updated with a Merchant Directory for connecting users with brands. As part of this feature, when users have posted a new dream, the app will connect them with businesses who can help make these dreams a reality. A Web search feature will also be introduced for adding custom images to dreams.

Buckitdream is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The app will come to Android this October.

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