Brodeur Principals Buy Firm Back from Omnicom

Andy Coville and John Brodeur, principals at Brodeur Partners, have re-purchased a majority stake in the firm from Omnicom Group, which had acquired the firm in 1993. The buy-back is part of a firm restructuring that includes new people and practices.

The agency is now comprised of four areas.

Brodeur Communications, a PR, marketing, social media, integrated branding and comms firm led by teams from Brodeur Partners and its subsidiary Beaupre, which runs a clean tech practice with Brodeur.

Brodeur ShiftPositive will focus on initiatives that promote healthy living. It will be led by Rob Gould, EVP and new director of the D.C. office; David Zucker, EVP and new director of the New York office; and senior advisor Robyn Castellani. Joe Trippi will lead Brodeur Digital.

And Brodeur Strategies will provide counsel to the C-suite. Brodeur execs and partners will head up that group.

“The next wave in communications goes beyond changing minds. It’s all about changing behavior,” Coville said in a statement.

Omnicom still has an equity stake in the company.