Bring World of Warcraft With You

We still can’t play World of Warcraft (WoW) on our phones yet, but GoWare wants to bring us a step closer. GoWare just announced a plug-in for its DoMo HomePage personalized mobile portal that gives WoW players the ability to access and share WoW character data from cellphones. “Now when friends ask about their character, players have the answer right in the palm of their hands!” the company exclaimed in a statement.

GoWare’s new plug-in also lets players send character content via text messaging by way of their new “Snapshot” feature.

None of this is anything like playing WoW on a phone, of course. But if you can’t bear to be away from Azeroth even when you’re away from your computer, we suggest you first get some help, and then download this plug-in for your cellphone.

GoWare Brings World of Warcraft to the World of Mobile Phones [GoWare]