Breaking: MySpace Launches Self-Serve Ad Targeting Service

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On the heels of the MySpace Music launch, MySpace has launched a self-service advertising site which appears to be targeted specifically toward musicians. You can access the service by visiting The site functions similarly to Facebook’s advertising solution except that advertisers can create custom banners that are either 728×90 or 300×250.

The service also provides targeting by gender, age, location, and specific interest categories. The current categories are Auto, Books, Fashion, Health & Fitness, Miscellaneous, Movies, Music, Sports, Television, and Video Games. Rather than typing specific keywords, advertisers are forced to select from a pre-defined set of “Genres” within each category.

As the demographics are refined, the total number of users targeted is updated with an accurate estimate of the number of people that the advertisement will be visible to. Campaigns are run on a cost per click basis rather than a cost per impression basis. Users can also specify the dates that the campaigns are run during.

Advertisers then proceed to set up an account or user their existing advertiser account. These accounts are separate from other MySpace accounts. While all the ad templates were targeted at bands, it appears that anybody could use this new service. We will update this page with any statements from MySpace.

You may want to be careful which browser you access the site in. The page crashed my Firefox but it seemed to run smoothly in Safari.

MySpace Ads Homepage

Ad Template Selection Page

Ad Creation Page

Ad Targeting Page