Breaking: Google Friend Connect Goes Live for All

We just received word from Google that Friend Connect has gone live and that all websites can now implement the service by visiting Check out the video below for more information. The timing of this announcement could not be better. I can’t elaborate currently but within the next hour and a half there will be big news related to this announcement.

Yesterday I highlighted that Google was now making a hard push with Friend Connect. Today, the company has decided to release it for all to integrate. This service makes it so that you can instantly connect with all of your Google contacts as well as your Plaxo and Orkut contacts.

The race is officially on for owning consumers’ web identities and social connections. Google is attempting to position themselves to become a leader in the space despite the lack of having a dominant social network in the North Western hemisphere. It will be interesting to see what type of uptake the company experiences following the full launch of their service.

The chatter on Twitter is already beginning to surge and I’m guessing we will be seeing a similar response to Facebook Connect in the near future.

I’ve added Friend Connect to the sidebar so login to try it out and join our community!

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