Break Apart Facebook Before Your College Application Goes In

Shouldn’t High School students start disabling their accounts or perhaps maximizing privacy settings ASAP? It is the season for poking and snooping during the height of the college application period.

Even though the Early Action deadline passed almost two weeks ago, the majority of High School seniors are rallying their recommendations and brag sheets to complete the January 1st deadline. That leads me to a logical question and correspondingly, solution: “Will college admission officers or college students working within the admission’s office browse and fact-check applicant profiles on Facebook?” They may just be able to find a fairy. The solution is quite simple actually: look up and down your social graph, scour far and wide to make sure no searchable/linkable ties exist. The goal here is to break the network out of centrality and betweeness in order to force you into a silo. This also applies for new job applicants.

Just like Nick previously mentioned in his review of the College Planner application , the age demographic within Facebook is swelling with pubescent MySpacers to compete against corporate Facebookers. With that in mind, if you’re applying to colleges in the next month and a half: beware.