Brazilian PlayStation 4 To Cost Slightly Less Than Your Soul

In Brazil, PlayStation 4s are starting at $1,850 or slightly less than what must souls cost to purchase on Craigslist.

(The following is a guest post from our friendly neighborhood video game expert, Nathan Rubadou.)

Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that the PlayStation 4 will launch in Brazil for R$3,999 (1,850 USD) with games for the console priced at R$179 (82.81 USD). I understand that imported products are highly taxed in this country, but will anybody be willing to spend a couple thousand dollars on a $399 machine that plays video games and Blu-Rays? In the United States consumers complain about our $60 price tag for a game, but $82.81 for the exact same product is absurd.

I know it is the American-way to complain about issues that other countries are shafted even worse than us on, but maybe Americans will be able to see this price difference and finally accept how fortunate gamers in this country are.

How can Americans brag about being hardcore Call of Duty fans because they buy the new game every year for $60, when Brazilians are paying and extra $23 for each game that they pick up? That is commitment…. or stupidity. Brazilians could actually purchase a round-trip ticket to the United States, spend a night or two at a fancy hotel and then purchase a PS4 for less than their country’s absurdly high asking price. Actually, now that I’m visualizing a Brazilian version of myself blowing all of my money on a pretty gadget, I think that nobody in that region should purchase a PS4 until they can do so at a reasonable cost.

I play a great deal of video games, but there has to be a limit to what you’ll spend before you start questioning what the hell you’re draining your bank account for. What is my limit? If you can buy a pre-owned Honda for the price of a video game entertainment system, then there is a serious problem with your nation’s tax laws.

The only video game related item that I would spend almost two grand on is Half-Life 3, but I have a feeling that when it comes out it’ll cost a kidney or an equally important major organ.

(Photo Credit: Lorenzo on Flickr)