Brain Surgery Broadcast Live On Twitter

Remember years ago when restaurants used to ask if you wanted to be seated in the smoking or nonsmoking section? Well, one day soon, a common question when participating in . . . anything, really, may be “would you like that with or without social media?” Sound far-fetched? Tell that to the 21-year-old woman who just had a brain tumor removed live on Twitter.

Doctors and administrators at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas are showing themselves to be a bunch of techo-savvy badasses. They’re setting a new standard for broadcasting sensitive surgeries via social media – and that takes guts.

Not really different from a live feed on television, you say? Wrong. Online is much more intense and interactive, with missteps documented and traveling around the world faster than you can click “delete.”

On February 21 of this year, they live-tweeted a double bypass heart surgery on a 57-year-old man from beginning to end. And today, neurosurgeon Dr. Dong Kim showed a brain tumor what’s what in yet another live Twittercast from their @houstonhospital handle. They had a hashtag to help folks follow along, #MHbrain, and they even Storified the whole thing so you can review the action if you missed it.

Other hospitals have live-tweeted knee surgeries and the like before, but the folks at Memorial Hermann have really stepped it up. And this trend can only continue, as trends always do!

So what do you think will be next? Or have we run out of “nexts” at this point?

(Surgeon image from Shutterstock)