Twitter Reaction To Boy Scouts Dropping Gay Ban

The Boy Scouts dropped its controversial ban on gay youth participants last week and there’s been lots of chatter about it online.

Many churches aren’t pleased and vow to withdraw support from the Scouts because of this, but we’re guessing the conversation online disagrees with that sentiment.

Let’s check it out!

Lifting the ban on gay scouts is certainly a historic moment, but it’s really only a partial measure as the ban on gay adults in leadership roles is still being enforced.

. . . Former former Eagle Scout James Dale, who brought the lawsuit against the Boy Scouts that made it all the way to the Supreme Court in 2000, said the partial lifting of the ban makes the organization “less relevant.”

“They are continuing to discriminate against people,” said Dale. “They say let’s get back to Scouting and move away from sexuality, but … the issue won’t go away. There can be no compromise for ending discrimination.”

What do you think of the Boy Scouts’ controversial deicision? Social media intelligence company NetBase analyzed all Facebook and Twitter mentions of the Boy Scouts from May 20-24 and found the conversation was:

  • 57% in support of the decision
  • 22% disappointed that gay leaders are still banned
  • 19% against the decision
  • 2% joking about the decision

Check out more below and let us know if their findings jibe with what you’re seeing online:

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